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The Suicide Prevention Alliance of Northern Virginia (SPAN) is working as a regional effort to raise awareness and share resources to prevent suicide.


 Through our network, we offer connections to information, training, and other resources to prevent suicide in our community.



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SPAN's CSB partners and other partners provide a range of suicide prevention trainings for adults, youth, and professionals.


Trainings can target teens and parents, medical professionals, pastors and clergy, law enforcement, emergency responders, teachers and school administrators, and mental health professionals. 

Available trainings vary by partner, and are customized to each local community and groups in our region. Trainings range from 1-hour simulation trainings online for teachers and adults working with youth to intensive multi-day trainings for mental health professionals and law enforcement.


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Lock Meds.

Lock Guns.

Talk Safety.

Lock & Talk is a statewide program in Virginia to restrict lethal means such as medications and guns to prevent suicide. For someone in crisis, research shows buying time can be key. Hours count. Minutes count. 

Providing locking medication boxes for prescription medicines and locks for guns is an evidence-based strategy for restricting access to these often lethal means of suicide. Lock & Talk not only provides locking med boxes and gun locks, it also gives people the knowledge and tools to talk about safety with those in crisis or in need of support. 

SPAN partners with CSBs in Northern Virginia to raise awareness of Lock & Talk, and connect community members. See the videos below and brochure.


Lock & Talk Northern Virginia

Lock & Talk Northern Virginia

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As a regional community coalition, SPAN and its partners focus on outreach and awareness-building activities to promote suicide prevention.

SPAN commemorates September as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and commemorates May as Mental Health Awareness Month with special activities.

Each year, SPAN plans events such as forums, presentations, and conferences, as well as PSAs and social media campaigns to reduce stigma, build awareness, and empower community members to prevent suicide in their school, church, family, workplace, club, neighborhood, and other groups.

Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about SPAN events, news, and suicide prevention efforts in Northern Virginia. 


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Action is still needed to address mental health and suicide prevention as we continue to struggle with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic — not only to meet the current needs, but so we emerge stronger and more resilient than we were before the pandemic.

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